Strange Omens And Superstitions Of Casino Players

Gambling has such a feature that luck is the dominant factor in them. And in order to catch it, players are ready to observe certain rituals and believe in signs. They are the result of both long-standing historical events and personal experience. Quirks can be very different – from choosing a good day to small operations to attract luck and wearing amulets.

Signs of gamblers

  1. The most common way to make good luck friends is with lucky clothes, and most often they are red. This is especially true for underwear. Players have a certain outfit for going to the casino, and if he fails, then he must be sprinkled with salt.
  2. There are gamblers’ superstitions about animals. A black cat met on the way to a gambling trusted casino online malaysia – unfortunately, the visit will most likely be canceled. They also do not welcome guests who come with their cats or dogs, because they can become heralds of quarrels and drive away good luck.
  3. Sometimes players, inspired by the example of Jay Grochowski, simply perform quirky dances instead of long calculations, which also lures success.
  4. Avid players prefer to start the round with a new deck – they are reassured that in this case the cards are not marked.
  5. Asking a stranger or a beautiful woman to blow on the bones is also common. And the best thing is to bring a woman with you. She will become a talisman for good luck and will stand behind her beau during the game.

Numbers and luck

There is also the concept of a lucky bet – a certain amount that is put at stake in any game and brings luck.

Different cultures have different numbers that are considered lucky. So, in China they like the eight, but four for them is a bad sign, in much the same way as for Europeans the number 13. This is probably why it is believed that the thirteenth day of the month or Friday is not suitable for playing cards.

And the unlucky denomination of the bill is $ 50. They are not exchanged or given out in winbet2u gambling establishments.

Amulets and talismans

The most unexpected and strange objects can become amulets. Bags with fragrant herbs, bills hidden in a badge or under clothes, key chains and even dried rat legs can act as a talisman.

Some more strange signs of casino players

Among the happy signs and actions, the following are also found:

  1. Spread a handkerchief on the seat;
  2. Rub the chip on your clothes before playing it;
  3. Small money on the table – the player’s luck, the dealer’s failure;
  4. Put the money intended for bets in a separate pocket and mentally say goodbye to them;

The bad ones are:

  1. To lend before the game or to tip before the end of the game;
  2. Empty dishes on the table;
  3. Good luck to the player before visiting the casino;
  4. Look in the mirror or even more so break it;
  5. Cross your legs during a party at the table;
  6. The presence of a cross-eyed person in the company of those who play.

Many rituals are also suitable for online casino players. They can also use essential oils or herbal teas for the bathroom, or serve food in dishes like in a casino. The list of rituals itself can be continued for a long time, especially since they can be very individual. But conditionally they can be divided into two parts: preparatory signs and signs in the casino itself.