How The Gambling Industry Will Develop In 2020

In the past 2019, the number of traditional casinos and betting establishments on a global scale has significantly decreased. Mobile applications are firmly in the gambling industry of the future. What awaits gambling in 2020 and what predictions do experts give?

Virtual casinos on mobile devices

Already in 2017, the use of tablets and smartphones for gambling was 10%. Over the past year, this figure has grown to 50%. Experts predict that in the new 2019, future gambling rates of mobile device usage will grow to 75%. More and more online casinos are adopting official mobile apps.

The advantages of this method of playing:

  • In modern life, telephones accompany us everywhere. At any time, you can go to the site, place a bet or spin the reels .
  • The simplified interface in the style of “minimalism” has many gamblers to play. Mobile software is much more comfortable than the loaded interfaces on official sites.
  • Mobile applications are much faster than browser games. If your favorite slot slows down, then try switching to a smartphone.

Live modes

The presence of live dealers in the game has allowed for a global leap in gambling. People’s interest in casinos has increased with the introduction of live modes, where a real person meets them at the tables. Significant development of this kind of games is expected in the new year and there are likely to be some changes.

Direction of video games

Gamification of slots has been observed recently. In 2018, slot machine developers released several dozen exciting models. Thanks to the introduction of new developments, an ordinary one-armed bandit turns into an exciting game with a well-thought-out storyline. This direction gives new perspectives and lucrative prizes for 2020.

The virtual reality

AR technology will be the new direction in the gambling industry in 2020. Last year, the first platform, Magic Leap, was launched. Augmented reality works on the basis of holograms.

The gambling business will be the first to introduce this latest development. 360-degree coverage blurs the boundaries between the digital and the real world.

The next revolutionary breakthrough in the online gaming market is VR technology. IT companies are working on systems that will take online casinos to a new level of gaming reality. Players will be able to see each other, catch the reaction of the opponent in poker if he bluffs. Games will become more interactive and entertaining.

Cryptocurrency in the gambling business

In the near future, cryptocurrency will dominate the gaming sector. Bitcoin is gaining popularity due to the availability and speed of manipulation. Significant growth was expected by experts last year and this year these trends will strengthen. If a few years ago it seemed incredible, today it can become a standard payment practice in the online gambling industry.

It becomes clear how the gambling industry will develop in 2020. Online games are gaining momentum in popularity thanks to the latest developments. Innovative destinations attract a large number of users who want to try their luck and risk the contents of their wallet.